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Entertaining In Tiny Houses: 4 Ways To Make Guests Comfortable

Owning a tiny home may be great for everyday living, but the small square footage of a tiny house can lead to problems when it comes to hosting family and guests. If you love your tiny space, but still want to entertain, then there are four ways to make guests feel more comfortable. By planning ahead, small gathering, parties, or holiday celebrations can have a better flow and increase the comfort level of your home. Each tiny house is different, but these simple methods and upgrades can work with a majority of the designs and set-ups that are made.

Portable Toilets

The bathrooms in a tiny house are often limited in size. Along with minimized privacy in a bathroom, your tiny house may be equipped with composting toilets or no plumbing at all. If this is the case, it may be uncomfortable for guests to use a bathroom that they are not used to. Instead of forcing them to use the small area, you can make your home more comfortable by renting portable toilets. These toilets can be placed just outside the tiny house and have enough room to comfortably use the bathroom. Some more advanced versions of portable rentals feature running water, sinks, and the ability to flush after use. Rentals can be purchased for multiple days and weeks as you host different events for friends and family.

Portable Staging

When you're planning to have multiple people come visit your tiny house, it's important to consider the space that's available for guests to talk, relax, and entertain each other. Expand the available square footage outside your tiny house with a portable stage rental. Instead of adding a permanent deck or installation on the tiny home, a portable stage rental can expand the space temporarily. The staging can offer an extension right from a main entrance or sliding door on the tiny home. It offers a sturdy place to cook, place chairs, and enjoy the nice weather. The use of staging can also make a gathering feel more like a special event. It's ideal for summer picnics and large family gatherings.

Slide-Out Installations

One way to expand the space inside your tiny house is by having slide-out sections installed. Slide-outs are sections of the home that can be pushed out to offer additional walking or seating locations. When you're not entertaining, you can keep your house at it's original size and enjoy the small spaces. When you are entertaining, you can activate the motorized slide-outs and really expand the space for the people that are visiting. If anyone is staying overnight, the slide-out sections are great for placing small cots or futons. You can easily lay them out in the section and still have room to roam around the tiny house space. A tiny house contractor can help plan out the upgrades and give you estimates on various pricing options.

Fold-Out Benches

Chairs can take up a lot of space inside a tiny house, but they also provide a way for guests to sit and relax. You can avoid filling up your tiny house with chairs and offer multiple seating areas with the installation of a fold-out bench. These benches are essentially large boards that are attached to locking hinges. When the benches are not in use, they fold flat up against a wall. When the benches are needed, you can simply pull them out and they will lock into place. Adding a bench to each side of your tiny house will help create multiple seating areas and ways that guests can sit across from each other.

By planning out these things ahead of time, you can enjoy entertaining without so much stress or overcrowding involved. Your guests will feel welcomed and will want to visit you in your tiny home more often.