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4 Reasons Why You Should Make Hydro Jetting Your New Year's Resolution

The next time you're making out that all-important list of New Year's resolutions, you might want to consider adding a hydro jet cleaning to that list. Hydro jetting offers an effective way of cleaning your main sewer line, breaking up the fat deposits and other assorted debris that could leave your home's drains completely blocked. Here are a few reasons why a hydro jetting service should be at the top of your resolutions list.

It Does a More Thorough Job than a Typical Sewer Clearing

Your average sewer clearing usually consists of your plumber running a mechanical auger through the sewer line. While this method is adept at clearing out sewer line blockages, it can still leave grease deposits and other debris along the walls of the sewer pipe, leaving behind a pipe that's clear of blockages, but not actually clean.

The water jets generated by hydro jetting equipment have a much longer and more powerful reach than the metal blades on a typical mechanical auger. This allows the hydro jet to essentially scour the walls of your sewer line, removing built-up deposits that would otherwise be left behind. Hydro jetting offers a thorough and effective way of completely cleaning your sewer line, thereby reducing the likelihood of reoccurring grease and debris build-up.

It Can Effectively Deal with Tree Root Intrusion

Many sewer line blockages occur because of tree roots that have found their way into the line, usually through a small crack or break in the line itself. Once a tree root has tapped into the moisture and nutrient-rich environment of a typical sewer line, the root can branch out and eventually create a severe blockage that prevents grease and solids from passing through.

A typical mechanical auger usually has trouble cutting through the dense, fibrous growths that inhibit wastewater flow. A hydro jet, on the other hand, uses the high water pressure generated by its specially-designed nozzle to cut through tree roots and other stubborn debris. The force of a hydro jet makes it the ideal tool for dealing with tree roots that have intruded into sewer pipe.

It Can Deal with Foul Drain Odors

Ever deal with foul odors coming from your kitchen or bathroom drains? The main culprit is usually bacteria that have built up over time. The resident bacteria feed off of food particles and other debris that comes through your drains, resulting in foul odors. In some cases, off-the-shelf deodorizers and natural remedies such as vinegar and baking soda may not be enough to put an end to the odor.

A hydro jetting service can help alleviate serious drain odor problems. The powerful streams of water produced by hydro jetting equipment are not only effective at removing grease and soap scum buildup, but it can also strip away any bacteria that have settled within your drains, eliminating the source of the drain odors.

The Results Are Worth the Price

Many homeowners tend to shy away from hydro jetting due to the cost. According to recent data from CostHelper, a hydro jetting session could cost anywhere from $350 to $600, depending on the severity of the line blockage and amount of man-hours needed to clean the line. That stands in contrast with the $50 to $60 typically charged for a sewer line clearing. On the other hand, sewer line clearings may have to be done every few months just to keep build-ups and blockages at bay. As a result, frequent sewer line clearings can easily add up to the cost of a single cleanout using a hydro jet.

When combined with common-sense preventive steps to prevent clogs (including the proper disposal of fats, grease and sanitary napkins), a hydro jetting service offers a long-term method of eliminating sewer line clogs and preventing future blockages from occurring.