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What to Consider When Replacing Your Toilet

It's time to replace your toilet, but before you buy a new model that looks nice and claims to be efficient, take some time to figure out which new toilet would be best for you. Factors to consider are everything from the size and height of your toilet to any special additions you want to make to it, so there's plenty to think about.


The cost of a toilet is a little more complex than you might think. There's the base cost of the toilet, but also the money you could be saving every year if you get a low-flow toilet (or any replacement that's more efficient). The catch is that, in order to see those savings returned, you may need to have your new toilet installed for a long time – many last multiple decades. If you're planning on keeping your house for a while, this could be a good investment, but if not, you may not see a return on it. Depending on your situation, a more efficient toilet may not actually save you money. To complete your planning, shop around for plumbers to see how much each would charge to replace a toilet, and find out if they'll take the old one off your hands.

Bathroom Size

Toilets come in multiple shapes and sizes, and the size of your bathroom should help dictate which model you eventually buy. A round bowl versus an elongated bowl could mean all the difference between a cozy and tight fit. Take some measurements to get rough width, height, and length measurements. What's more, if you have a toilet with a tank that rests under a counter, make sure your new toilet won't be too tall to fit. ADA-compliant toilets are typically a few inches taller than other toilets; this additional height can be a comfort to adults, but difficult for children.

Flushing Options

Believe it or not, there's more than one way to flush a toilet. Traditional models, both high and low-flow, have just one option, but there's another type of toilet that features two flushing options. One option uses less water for liquid waste, and the other uses more water for solid waste, letting you choose which is most efficient. This could be an appealing option for the environmentally conscious homeowner, or it could be a needless expense.

Additional Options

If you've ever wanted to add anything to your toilet, but couldn't do so because it was already installed, now's your chance. You can get toilets with built-in bidets, slam-proof and cushioned seats, or even heated seats. These tend to be options of convenience over efficiency, but considering how long toilets last, it may be a while before you replace one again. Look around to see what's available; if you have a little extra room in your budget for fun, make your new toilet nicer in more ways than one.

When you're ready to install your new toilet, talk to a plumber like those at Walt's Plumbing to make sure everything is done correctly.