Fixing Your Plumbing To Fix Your Life

Understanding Drains, Pipes, And Clogs

This article will help you learn about the different ways you can go about cleaning your drains and plumbing system that won't cause long-term damage to them and other helpful tips you should be aware of. The better understanding you have of your plumbing, the better your chances are of avoiding many issues:

Understanding your drains

When water goes in your sink it will get quickly deposited into the drain and then into the narrower plumbing pipes where it will be steered into the sewer pipes or septic system. When anything besides water or other water-soluble fluids, such as liquid dish detergent, go down the drain it puts your system at greater risk of clogs. Anything that doesn't instantly dissolve can get trapped in the entrance to the pipes and cause an instant clog.

Understanding your pipes

Things can go down the pipes in smaller pieces and end up getting caught up in the 'p' shaped piping that's directly under the sink. The shape of this curved pipe and its reputation for trapping debris led to its name the "p-trap".

Your pipes go underground, and they will lead to the main sewer or septic. The pipes will generally take the straightest path possible, in an attempt to lessen the chances of getting clogs further down the line. However, there are times when those bends need to be made and this can lead to clogs. Also, trees can have roots that grow into the plumbing and cause damage to it, this is another example of how clogs can happen down deep.

Understanding the de-clogging process

For the most part, freeing up clogs that are right in the drain are easy. You may be able to pop a sink plunger in the sink, move it up and down a few times and free that clog right up. Or, you may be able to scoop out the debris with something like a spoon, throw it away and get the sink running properly. Sometimes, the best course of action is putting vinegar and baking soda in the drain together, so they will react in a way that frees up the clog.

If the clog is in the p-trap, then someone with very basic plumbing knowledge can even take the pipe out, clean it, put it back in place and get things running again. However, if a clog has gone beyond this point, then calling out a professional plumber is your best choice. A plumber from companies like Calhoun Plumbing will be able to quickly free up the clog without running the risk of causing other damage to the system.