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What You Should Know About Professional Drain Cleaning

A stopped or slow-draining sick or tub is annoying, so you may be running to the nearest store for some drain cleaner. However, a better choice is to contact a professional plumber, especially if you have frequent problems with your drains. Check out these three facts you should know about professional drain cleaning.

It Is Affordable

Drain cleaning is actually quite affordable at $109 to $214 with larger drains being the more expensive. However, if you have a lot of drains that are clogged or draining slowly, it may be an issue with the main line. This cleaning is more expensive, costing about $399. In the long run, however, you save money by getting professional drain cleanings. This is because it is part of maintaining your system. Less gunk in the pipes puts less wear and tear on the entire system. Plus, while cleaning, the plumber can spot and repair any potential problems before they grow into emergencies and high repair and replacement costs.

It's the Most Effective

If you rarely have a clog, some over-the-counter drain cleaner is fine once and a while. They use corrosive chemicals to destroy the clog fast. However, those chemicals can cause damage to your pipes, causing them to wear down faster, so you must replace them more often. A professional cleaner may use some chemicals, but they usually use tools and equipment to remove the clog without causing damage to the system. Another problem with over-the-counter products is they don't fix bigger issues such as needing a new pipe, but a professional plumber will tell you exactly what needs to happen for this to stop once and for all.  

It's Safer

Remember those corrosive chemicals in over-the-counter products? They aren't just bad for your pipes. They are bad for you too. Even if you are careful, if the liquid comes in contact with your skin or you inhale the fumes, they may cause danger. Absorbing too much through the skin, eyes or consuming any can even lead to death. If you have kids or curious pets, you'll need to keep any spare liquid in a secure area. The equipment used by a professional plumber may be dangerous to someone untrained, but with a skilled plumber, you get your drains cleaned while keeping your family safe.

A clogged drain is infuriating, but if you are frequently buying drain cleaner from the store, you are only wasting your money. It's important to have your drains regularly cleaned to eliminate and prevent clogs. For more information, contact a plumber in your area today, such as at Complete Plumbing.