Fixing Your Plumbing To Fix Your Life

How To Prevent Plumbing Issues In Your Public Restroom

A common frustration for business owners and property managers is managing the plumbing in the public restroom. Frequent clogs are messy, costly, and disgusting. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help minimize plumbing issues. The following tips will show you how you can, as the business owner, make it easier on yourself.

Get Rid of the Towels

Towels may be the most common method provided for drying hands after washing them, but they are also a common culprit in toilet and sink clogs. People try to flush them or they leave them in the sink -- with the water running. Both problems can result in a flood. Plus, there is the constant clean up that's necessary since towels often end up on the floor rather than in the trash can. Instead of towels, switch to one of the newer high-output hand dryers. These work better than the older models, drying a hand in seconds. Most people won't even miss the towels.

Make Disposal Easy

Diapers and feminine products are another common cause of toilet clogs. You need to make sure every bathroom stall has clear signage stating not to dispose of these items in the toilet and to use the provided waste basket. Further, the sign should be placed right at eye level for when someone is using the toilet. Finally, choose a waste basket design that is easy to use, preferably without the need to touch it since many people may be squeamish about such things.

Change Your Toilet Paper

Chances are you don't want to subject customers and employs to super-thin, rough toilet paper. On the other hand, overly thick and soft paper is more prone to over-use, which then leads to toilet clogs. Fortunately, there is a happy medium but it will require a conversation with your paper goods supplier. Generally, the best option is to find a two-ply lightly quilted toilet paper that is designed to dissolve quickly when saturated, such as those made for septic systems. You may also want to look into getting toilet paper dispensers designed to tear after a half turn of the roll, since this can result in less over-use.

Upgrade the Plumbing

Finally, if clogs are an ongoing issue the toilets could be to blame. Ideally, a public restroom should have toilets with a high pressure flush designed to make sure everything goes down quickly and easily. Automatic flushing toilets are also a good idea, since these minimize the amount that can be placed into the bowl per flush. Contact a commercial plumbing services for more help on upgrading your plumbing.