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Adding Family-Friendly Restroom Facilities To Your Park District's Party Packages

During the summer months, local families may seek out your park district facilities for picnics, barbecues, birthday parties, and reunions. With a large influx of guests to your parks' open spaces, the need for added restroom facilities can be met with portable toilet rental services. Making sure the rental services are family-friendly is essential. Here are some ways you can provide park district guests with add-on rental services that meet the needs of all the guests you serve.

Baby Changing Stations

Contract with your toilet rental service to provide access to portable toilets with changing stations inside. These rental units may be larger to provide extra space for moms and dads to tend to the needs of babies, and the tables typically fold down for access when an infant needs a diaper change. Providing this option can help families with young children feel welcome at your facilities. In some cases, portable toilets with baby changing stations are ADA-accessible, which means you can provide access to individuals with disabilities as well as families with young children.

Kid-Friendly Toilets

The idea of using a portable toilet can be scary for some young children. They may not understand how the concept works, and the rooms may seem very different than what they are used to. To help combat this, some rental companies offer kid-friendly versions. These portable toilets come in bright colors and feature shorter toilets that kids can easily access on their own. You may want to make this option an add-on for park facility rentals to give guests flexible options for setting up their parties and special events.

Hand-Washing Stations

Hand-washing stations can be a great option to offer even if your guests don't rent additional toilet facilities. Having places for guests to wash their hands before and after a meal may be greatly appreciated, and the sink availability also helps keep your facilities more hygienic. If guests choose to rent sink stations as well as portable toilets, be sure to have your staff position the sinks in front of the restroom area. This provides access to quick hand cleaning after the toilets are used.

Restroom Trailers

Another option that might appeal to families hosting small parties is the restroom trailer. These trailers are a bit more upscale, and they can be appealing to individuals who want to spend a day outdoors without "roughing it." The trailers feature running water, flushing toilets, and other amenities that you might find in your own home. Having these trailers on your list of party add-ons can also make your park district a more attractive destination for weddings and more formal outdoor events.