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4 Tips To Help Reduce Landscaping Damage When Repairing Main Sewer Lines

When you need to have the sewer line around your home replaced, it could cause a lot of damage to your landscaping. Therefore, you want to try to reduce the damage to your landscaping with solutions like lateral sewer line replacement and other non-invasive solutions. The following tips will help you reduce landscaping damage when you have to have sewer line repairs done.

Lateral Sewer Line Replacement to Avoid Trenching and Severe Damage to Landscaping  

One of the easiest ways to replace sewer lines without causing damage to your landscape is lateral replacement. This is a non-invasive technique that uses horizontal drilling technology to replace the line without the need to dig damaging trenches in your landscaping. Lateral replacement techniques only require a small excavation hole where the drilling and installation of the new sewer line will be done without causing damage to the rest of your landscaping.

Preparing Your Landscaping Before Repairing Sewer Lines to Reduce Damage to Grass and Plants   

Before you have any sewer line repairs done, you want to make sure that your landscaping is protected. Therefore, you want to cover up any plants in lawn areas where excavations are going to be done to complete sewer line repairs. This will help reduce the damage caused while work is being done to repair your sewer line.

Installing Risers to Monitor Sewer Lines and Septic Systems for Problems That Need to Be Repaired  

Risers are a great way to monitor problems with pipes that are part of sewer lines and septic systems. You want to install risers in areas where pipes are prone to problems like leaks and deterioration. Installing risers will also help you monitor the problems that can cause costly repairs.

Repairing Old Pipes with Retrofitted Pipe Liners to Avoid Costly Replacements and Landscaping Damage  

Sometimes you may need to repair old pipes that have decayed, cracked, and begun to leak. This is a repair that can be done with liners for old pipes. Retrofitting the old pipes with liners will help stop them from decaying and prevent problems with leaks and sediments causing damage. You may want to repair old pipes with liners that are made of materials like decaying cast iron or clay pipe materials.

These are some of the things that you can do to reduce damage to landscaping when you have to have sewer line repairs done. If you need to repair damaged sewer lines, contact a sewer lateral replacement service for help with non-invasive solutions.