Fixing Your Plumbing To Fix Your Life

Common Problems Plumbing Contractors May Need To Address

The pipes that make up your home's plumbing system can be among the most important and complex components of the home. Not surprisingly, problems and issues with these systems will need to be handled by a trained professional to avoid potentially serious damage or complications.

Plumbing Expansion

Many homeowners will find that they want to make upgrades to their homes that may involve expanding the plumbing system. In addition to making entire additions to the home, this may also involve installing additional sinks, retrofitting rooms to be bathrooms, or switching to a tankless water heater. While this work can be among the more costly aspects of your project, it is important to ensure that this is done by professional plumbing contractors. Otherwise, you could find your home is at a greater risk of suffering water damage or other problems as a result of these changes. For example, a homeowner that attempts to install a new sink may fail to consider the impact this upgrade will have on the rest of the home's water pressure.

Repair Damaged Pipes

Damage to the pipes in your home can be one of the more significant plumbing problems to experience as it can lead to immediate and extensive water damage to the rest of the house. While a homeowner can shut off the water supply to stop the damage, the underlying source of the damage must be repaired before the water can be restored. Depending on the location of the pipe and the extent of the damage, it can be surprisingly difficult to repair as the entire section of the pipe may have to be replaced. This can be particularly true when pipes rupture due to freezing as the rupture can form along the entire length of the pipe.

Clear A Clogged Sewer Line

A clogged sewer line can be another emergency situation that a homeowner may find themselves facing. When the sewer line for the home is clogged, all of the drains will be inoperable. It is possible to remove these clogs, but it will require a specialized tool that can be inserted through the sewer line. Unfortunately, these tools will have their limits, and there can be instances where excavating the sewer line may be necessary to repair the problem. This is often the case when the clog is due to a root puncturing the sewer line and growing inside it. Regardless of the source of the sewer line problem, an experienced plumbing contractor will be equipped to rapidly repair it.

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