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A Look At The Advantages Of Gas Water Heaters For The Off-Grid Home

When you make the decision to move your life off the proverbial grid, you are giving up the connection to things like electricity and public water. Because of this, there will be certain implements in your home that will have to be chosen according to how well they fit with your new living arrangements. One of those things is your hot water heater. While many off-gridders will opt to use other means of heating water, having a water heater can be extremely valuable. Choosing a gas water heater could be one of the most logical options. Take a look at a few reasons why this is the case. 

Gas water heaters allow you to connect to an independent fuel source. 

Unlike electric-powered water heaters, gas water heaters function with some form of gas as the fueling source. Propane is a preferred type of fuel in off-grid locations for a lot of appliances because it can be easily stored on-site in smaller storage tanks above ground.

You can have a gas water heater in your off-grid home that is powered with propane that you house in a freestanding tank on your property. While residences closer to town may have large propane tanks that have to be refilled by professionals, you can invest in smaller tanks that can be transported to town when you need to fill up with propane. 

Gas water heaters are relatively more efficient for the purpose than other water heaters. 

If you have a water heater that relies on electrical power, you pretty much have to rely on either a generator or a natural energy source like solar or wind energy in order to make it work in an off-grid home. Even on-demand electric water heaters can be pretty demanding when it comes to power needs. However, a gas water heater is not going to need anything other than the fuel you provide to power it so you get hot water.

These units are efficiently designed and are efficient for the setting; you will likely get by cheaper by opting for a gas water heater than opting for a water heater that relies on generated power. For example, an electric water heater that has to be connected to a generator to work may require several gallons of gasoline to function, but a gas water heater may use a small amount of propane to power it for the same amount of time.

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