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Repairing Problems With Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters can be extremely efficient and reliable. However, there are still problems they can experience that could potentially cause them to suffer significant performance issues or malfunctions that will need to be handled by a professional that is trained for tankless water heater repair projects.


The metal that is used in your water heater system will be treated to reduce the risk of it developing damaging corrosion. However, it is still possible for the unit to develop corrosion on some of its internal components. If this occurs, the unit can be more prone to developing leaks, and it can also start to lose effectiveness as the corroded metal will be less effective at heat exchange. This is particularly impactful when the corrosion has developed on the internal tubing of the water heater. Repairing this damage will often involve replacing the corroded component.


While it is true that a water heater system is supposed to be able to support extreme heat, it is still possible for this system to become dangerously overheated. When the unit becomes overheated, it can cause major damage to its heating elements and electrical controls, and it can stress the pipes. As a result of these potential damages, most water heater systems will be designed to turn off when they start to overheat. This will help to limit the risk of this type of severe damage occurring to the unit. Improper ventilation can be a common reason for the unit overheating, but it can also be attributed to problems with the heating elements or even faulty temperature sensors.


Due to the fact that clogs generally form near drains, a homeowner may fail to consider the threat of clogs forming in the water heater. However, tankless water heaters are designed as a series of tubes that allow the water to be heated as it flows through them. Unfortunately, this can allow mineral deposits to actually clog the unit. Homes with hard water or sediment issues can find that these clogs are a major problem. Using water softeners or filtration systems can help to reduce the risk of these clogs forming in the unit, but if this has already occurred, a professional tankless water heater repair service will have the tools needed to clean these lines so that any clogs that are present can be removed. In addition to being able to remove total clogs, this can also remove accumulations that may simply be restricting the flow of water rather than completely blocking it.