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Repeated Plumbing Problems? Here's Why You Should Call A Plumber

When people experience an issue with their pipes not running properly, oftentimes the first thing they think to do is to reach for a liquid drain cleaner. However, if you've been having repeated problems or your initial issue never seems to get much better, you should consider doing something else: calling a plumber. Here's why.

Indicative of a Long-Term Issue

Sometimes problems seem like they get better after using a drain-cleaning solution only for issues to pop up again in a short amount of time. In reality, the draining solution may not be doing a good enough job to fix the problem entirely.

Sometimes, the acidic quality of the drain-cleaning solution is able to break down part of the clog but not all of it. This can help you to make your sink function again for a short period of time, but as soon as more solid objects go down the drain, they'll get stuck on the remaining clog and build it up again, causing a full clog further down the line.

The Problems With Drain Cleaning Solution

You might think that using the draining solution first and then calling a plumber would be the best solution here. However, it could inhibit some of your plumber's ability to clear the clog with their best tools.

Once you introduce drain cleaner, if the clog doesn't get flushed away entirely, some of that drain cleaner often stays in the pipe. This can make it dangerous to use certain methods to clear the pipe, as it can cause some drain cleaning solution to come back up and potentially cause damage to people and objects.

What Works

If you've had a clog appear in your plumbing for the second, third, or more times, it's time to talk to a plumber instead of reaching for a drain-cleaning solution. Your plumber has a number of tools at their disposal, but perhaps their greatest for tackling plumbing clogs is hydro jetting. This technique is possible so long as you haven't already used a drain-cleaning solution, which is why it's so important to get in touch first.

This drain-cleaning method uses an extremely high level of water pressure to blast blockages out of the drain. They not only can dislodge extremely large blockages but can start to break them apart, making it easier for them to wash down the drain without causing clogs elsewhere. 

Hydro jetting provides a safe and eco-friendly alternative to drain cleaning solutions and fixes the problem the first time without problems reappearing further down the line. If you're tired of your plumbing being a problem, ask a plumber to come out and examine the situation.