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How A Plumber May Go About Installing A New Toilet When You're Ready To Update Your Bathroom

If you're stuck with an outdated pink, yellow, or green toilet, getting a new toilet may be high on your list of priorities. However, choosing your new toilet might not be a simple decision since you have so many options. You may want to visit a plumbing showroom and look over everything available. Once you have your toilet at home and ready to go, call a plumber to install it for you. Here's a look at some steps in the process.

Clear Out Your Bathroom

Clear out your bathroom first, so the plumber has enough room to work. Switching out a toilet can be tricky work in a tiny bathroom, so the smaller the room, the more important it is to move everything out of the way so the plumber doesn't have to worry about bumping anything off the wall or vanity.

Remove The Old Toilet

Taking out the old toilet is a matter of removing the tank first and then pulling up the bowl. The plumber is careful not to get water everywhere during this process by draining the tank and removing as much water from the bowl as possible.

The floor bolts might be stuck in place when your toilet is old, and this might pose a problem for the plumber, but they have tools and techniques for getting stuck parts loose. The plumber will also decide if the inlet hose should be replaced along with the toilet. If the water line is rusty or if the valve is stuck, the plumber may want to replace those parts too.

Once the bowl is off, the plumber blocks the drain so sewer odors don't escape. Then, the plumber may remove the old toilet parts from the house to make room to work on the new toilet. Removing and hauling away the old toilet should be part of the services provided by the plumber when you have a new toilet installed.

Put Down A New Wax Ring

The old wax ring has to be scraped off the floor and the floor cleaned so a new wax ring can be put down. The wax ring makes a seal around the toilet and drain so odors don't escape and so the toilet won't leak. The wax ring goes down first, and then the toilet bowl is lowered over it once the block is removed from the drain. The wax ring is an important part of a toilet, and the plumber has to take time to install it properly

Install New Toilet

Once the bowl is in place over the ring, it can be bolted to the floor. The plumber checks that the bowl is level and secure so it won't wobble when you sit on it. After that, the tank is bolted on, the supply water line is hooked up, and the toilet seat is added. The plumber has to install or adjust the internal tank parts and then test everything with a few flushes to make sure the new toilet operates as it should.

Installing a new toilet could be a huge undertaking as a DIY project, but a plumber can do the job fairly quickly as long as no problems pop up. If you want to make any major changes, such as moving the toilet or installing a wall-mounted toilet, that will add to the installation time and cost quite a bit.

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