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Reasons For Flickering Lights

Flickering lights in your home require a call to an electrician because, in some cases, they may indicate a major problem. The following can help you troubleshoot why the lights are flickering.

Single Fixture

Chances are that the issue is localized if only one light fixture is affected. Begin by checking the light bulb in the fixture to make sure it isn't loose or in need of replacement. Next, try testing a different fixture in the outlet. If the flickering is only affecting one specific light fixture, then the issue is likely with the fixture. If both are affected, there may be loose wiring inside the outlet that will need to be repaired by an electrician. Don't use the fixture or outlet until after repairs have been made.

One Room

If the flickering is affecting an entire room, take note of whether it is affecting multiple outlets or only the hardwired overhead light. If it's multiple outlets, then there is likely an issue in the circuit breaker box or in the main wiring that feeds the room. Try turning the fuse that feeds the room completely off and then back on, as this can sometimes solve the problem if all the outlets are affected. If the issue is with the hardwired overhead light, try a different light bulb before calling an electrician. If that fails, then an electrician will need to check the wiring and make repairs. 

Throughout House

Flickering throughout the house can be indicative of a major issue, such as a failing breaker box or old wiring that needs to be replaced. Loose conductors in the main electrical panel are a quick fix for an electrician, but other issues, such as old wiring replacements, can take some time. Whole-house flickering can also be a result of issues with the main electrical grid or your connection to the grid. Call an electrician promptly, though, as the issues that cause flickering throughout the house can also pose a fire danger.

Periodic Flickering

If the lights are flickering periodically, take note of what is going on when it happens. Often, you will see a pattern, such as the flickering always occurring when the AC switches on or when the dryer is running. If this is the case, then the issue is the heavy draw of electricity from the large appliance. Having it placed on its own circuit may solve the issue.

Contact an electrical service for more information.