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Troubleshooting A Sink Sprayer

If your sink faucet is equipped with a sprayer attachment, you likely appreciate the convenience it offers. If it fails, the following information can help you schedule the right repair.

Sink Sprayer Issues

Issues with a sink sprayer can fall into two categories — leaking and water flow. Leaks tend to form in three possible places. The first is the sprayer nozzle, which is where the water comes out. The second is along the flexible hose that supplies water to the sprayer. The final spot for a leak is where the hose connects into the main water supply line.

Water flow issues also come in a few types. Sometimes there is just an overall reduction in water, while in other instances only the hot or cold water flow may be affected. Another common issue is a complete lack of water — the sprayer simply refuses to work. This may also present as a sprayer that continues to work but the system does not allow you to switch the flow back to the faucet.

Common Causes

Leaks can be caused by loose fittings in the nozzle or water line hook up or from damage to the line itself. Another common cause of leaks is that the rubber washer inside the nozzle has failed. Hard water buildup in the line increases the chances of all three types of leaks.

The cause of a water flow issue depends on the specific issue. Poor water flow could indicate that the main water valve beneath the sink isn't fully opened, but it can also indicate a blockage in the line (perhaps due to hard water or a kink in the flexible hose). If you can't switch between hot and cold water, then the hot water diverter in the faucet may have failed. A similar issue with the sprayer diverter can affect water flow between the sink faucet and the sprayer and can lead to one failing to operate completely. A blocked aerator, due to hard water scale, is another cause of reduced or complete lack of sprayer water.

Repair Solutions

Repair depends on the cause. Leaks will require either a replacement of the line, repair of the joint between lines, or a replacement of the washer inside the sprayer head. If the sprayer itself is damaged, then a complete replacement of the assembly may be needed.

For water flow issues, the diverters must be tested and replaced if damaged. Hard water scale may need to be cleaned out of the lines or aerator as well. If severe damage occurred, then replacement of the sprayer may be the best solution.

Contact a plumber in your area if you are having issues with your sink sprayer.