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Signs Your Home Could Need New Electrical Wiring And What To Expect When Work Begins

If your home is several decades old, it might be time to have it rewired. Old age is a leading reason to have your home rewired because old wiring and insulation can degrade and become a fire hazard. Here are some signs your home could need to be rewired and what to expect with the process.

Signs Your Home Might Need New Wiring

If your wiring is old and outdated, it can be a safety hazard because you have to overload circuits to run all of your appliances and electronics. If your circuit breakers trip frequently, you rely on extension cords, or your lights flicker, you should have your electrical system checked by an electrician.

Other signs of wiring trouble include buzzing noises, electrical shocks, and a burning odor you can't pinpoint. Electrical problems don't always mean your house has to be rewired. Even if your home has aluminum wiring, your electrician might be able to make repairs rather than replacing all the wiring in your home.

Work Involved In Rewiring Your Home

The amount of work that's needed depends on the age of your electrical system. If your house still has the original panel and wiring that's now many decades old, the electrician may have to put in a new panel and wiring in addition to adding more electrical outlets. When you have your house rewired, it's a good time to make any changes you need to make to outlets or overhead lighting placement.

Rewiring a house is a job for a licensed electrician. Local codes and your insurance company will probably prohibit DIY work, even if you feel you're capable. The job could take several days, and since it might create a lot of dust, you might want to stay elsewhere until the work is done.

The electrician needs to open your walls, so if you're renovating, you'll want the electrician to work while the walls are open. If not, you or the electrician will have to patch up several holes in your wall that are made to work on the electrical system.

Once the new wiring is in place, your home will be safer since all the insulation and wiring are new and in good condition. When you have a new electrical panel installed, your home will have more circuits. This allows you to buy modern appliances and have more outlets in your home, and your home will be safer when you no longer have to overload circuits.

If your electrical system is old and outdated now, you'll appreciate the convenience and safety that comes from rewiring and upgrading your electrical panel.

To learn more, contact an electrician.