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4 Signs You Need a Plumber for Professional Drain Cleaning

Drains are essential for all modern homes because they facilitate the removal of waste from sinks and toilets. Regular maintenance and professional drain cleaning keep your drains in good condition. 

Pay attention to any signs that might show you need professional plumbing services so you don't wake up to a clogged drain. Also, ensure that your daily habits do not overwhelm the drainage system. Here are four signs that indicate your drainage system needs professional assessment.

1. Slow Movement in the Drains

A drainage system that's in ship-shape will quickly flash down all waste. If you notice slow movement in your drains, call a plumber for professional drain cleaning. 

Since drains rely on gravity to function, slow drainage is a clear sign that the system needs professional assessment. Professional drain cleaning ensures that waste from the sink or the bathroom does not linger. If left unattended, slow drainage would eventually result in standing water in your sinks. Such an emergency requires professional drain cleaning services. Contact your plumber before the situation escalates into a health hazard. 

2. Unusual Noises 

If you notice a gurgling sound, each time you flush the toilet, contact your plumber for a quick assessment. While this might not sound like an issue, unusual sounds are usually an indication of trapped air in the drainage pipes. Where the air is trapped, there's a high likelihood of waste build-up. Taking care of the issue early clears out the build-up before it gets worse. 

3. Recurring Clogs 

If you experience recurring clogs, find out from a professional plumber how best you can dispose of waste. Improper waste disposal overwhelms the drainage system, even if you regularly clean it. Avoid flushing hygiene products down the toilet drain or using the kitchen sink to dispose of food scraps. Consult with your plumber for a more comprehensive list of waste that shouldn't go down the drain. Another explanation for recurring clogs is a much bigger clog further down the drain.  

Professional plumbers will also check the main sewer to make sure the problem doesn't originate from here. If it does, they'll carry out extensive drain cleaning so you don't experience messy back-ups in the future. 

4. Foul Smell

Do you experience a persistent foul smell in your kitchen or bathroom? When bad odor won't go away even after you use an air freshener, it's time to call your plumber. When the problem lies in the drainage system, no amount of air freshening can drown the foul smell. Sewage and waste build-up in your bathroom and kitchen drains send back bad odor into your indoor environment. Professional drain cleaning services will help clear out the buildup for a fresh and comfortable home. 

These are four signs you need a plumber for professional drain cleaning. Contact a local plumber every time your drain has issues for fast and effective solutions.