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Watch Out For These 2 Dangers That May Be Hiding In Your Home

No matter how often you clean your home, there still may be things that are lurking that you do not see or smell. It is important that you know if your home has these because they could be dangerous for you and your family.


Mold can often be seen in bathrooms, as there is a lot of built-up moisture around the plumbing system there. This is mostly due to humidity from hot showers or baths. Mold will grow on tiles, ceilings, in the bathtub, and in other places. 

You may be surprised to know where mold can hide in your home. One place is under your bathroom or kitchen sink, as condensation can build up on pipes or you may have small plumbing leaks. If your plumbing is leaking or you are detecting a significant amount of mold due to your plumbing system, then call a plumbing service right away. They can investigate the pipes, tighten any leaking points, and help you ensure that the moisture does not return.

You can also find mold in a ceramic or glass toothbrush holder that is close to your bathroom sink. When you place a wet toothbrush into the container, water will drip from the toothbrush, and then mold can grow in the wetness. Mold can also be found under drywall or behind wallpaper. 

If you have found any mold, you should consider hiring a mold inspector to find mold in your home. They will then take samples of mold and have it tested. This is because some mold can be dangerous.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide can be very dangerous and even cause death. If you have carbon monoxide in your home, you would never know. This is because this is a gas that has no odor or flavor. If you do have carbon monoxide gas this can cause symptoms of a cold or the flu, as well as headaches, nausea, and shortness of breath. Because of this, if anyone in your home is getting sick more than they normally do, you need to check your home to ensure this is not what causing this.

The best way to know if you have this dangerous gas in your home, you should install a carbon monoxide detector. This type of detector works much like a smoke detector. It will sound an alarm if any carbon monoxide is detected. There are models that are simple and other detector models that you can connect to a home security system.