Fixing Your Plumbing To Fix Your Life

Seemingly Small Problems You Should Actually Call Your Plumber About

You need to call the plumber when your toilet is overflowing or when you see water spurting out of a cracked pipe. Plumbers are used to getting these calls, and they can certainly fix these problems. However, most plumbers would rather you call them before problems get this big. You may not always be able to recognize a plumbing problem before it becomes a catastrophe, but you often can. You just need to keep your eyes out for these little symptoms that indicate a bigger issue is brewing — and call your plumber ASAP.

Odors coming from drains.

If a drain is smelly but is still draining, it's easy to shrug off the problem. Sometimes, the odors might just be caused by some grime in the drain trap. However, the odors may also mean there's a big blockage starting to form (and rot) further down the line. They could also mean that your sewer vents are starting to become blocked. Both of these issues need to be addressed by a plumber. The sooner they come, the better. Your plumber might just tell you there was a little smelly grime in the pipe, but chances are, they'll find something more.

Running toilets.

Your toilet tank should only fill just after you've flushed the toilet. If you hear the toilet tank filling randomly, do not hesitate to call the plumber. This problem usually means that there is a leak somewhere in your toilet or in the plumbing leading to the toilet. However, you might not see any water anywhere if the leak is between the bowl and the drain pipe. That said, if you don't take care of the issue immediately, then you may face high water bills and bigger leaks in a few weeks.

Faulty Faucets

Does your faucet leak? Is it hard to turn on? Does it seem like you only get hot water? These little, annoying problems can lead to big leaks, a broken faucet that spurts water everywhere, and more. A plumber can come to fix these little problems easily. They may be able to make repairs, or they may need to replace the faucets — but both of these things cost a lot less than dealing with a big, messy leak.

Don't hesitate to call the plumber for something small. They'll be glad you didn't wait until there was more work for them to do. Contact a plumber for more information.