What Does A Plumbing Contractor Do?

If you're in need of assistance with your home or business' plumbing system, you probably know that you need to call either a plumber or a plumbing contractor. Whereas everyday jobs can be handled by a plumber — leaky faucets, appliance installations, backed up toilets, etc — there are some jobs that you need to hire a plumbing contractor for instead. Below are some of the jobs that plumbing contractors perform most often. [Read More]

Is Your Garbage Disposal Messing Up Your Plumbing?

Garbage disposals are frequently installed in kitchens, for the convenience that they provide. Occasionally, these units can cause more trouble than you expected. If you regularly experience plumbing issues in your kitchen, particularly with the disposal in your sink, or possibly even other appliances, your garbage disposal may be to blame. Here's why. Garbage Disposal Units Aren't a Catch-All Garbage disposal units are handy, but the average set of kitchen pipes were not intended to handle the kind of waste that goes through a garbage disposal unit. [Read More]

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Kitchen Faucet Is Leaking

Lately, whenever you use your kitchen sink, you may have noticed that the faucet leaks water either at the base of the spigot or around the handles. If so, you may think that it is time to replace it. While replacing the faucet is a possibility, there could be something causing the leak that may be easy to fix. Below are a couple of possible reasons why your kitchen faucet is leaking. [Read More]

Do You Need A New Well Pump On Your Property?

Your current well pump is responsible for one of the most important parts of your water supply: the monitoring of the water pressure and speed of water you have. Without a well pump, your well will not be able to give you the amount of water you want on an as-needed basis, and you risk many issues with getting and maintaining a healthy water supply. Water pressure will go down and water consistency will suffer. [Read More]