5 Reasons to Replace Your Aging Gas Water Heater (Even If It Works)

If your home is connected to a local natural gas network, using a gas-powered water heater to provide for your hot water needs is usually a sound decision. Gas-powered water heaters are significantly cheaper to run than electric models in most areas where natural gas is widely available. Most gas-powered heaters can also be used during power outages.  Gas water heaters are also just as durable and reliable as electric water heaters, and many homeowners have been using the same gas heater for a decade or longer. [Read More]

A Look At The Advantages Of Gas Water Heaters For The Off-Grid Home

When you make the decision to move your life off the proverbial grid, you are giving up the connection to things like electricity and public water. Because of this, there will be certain implements in your home that will have to be chosen according to how well they fit with your new living arrangements. One of those things is your hot water heater. While many off-gridders will opt to use other means of heating water, having a water heater can be extremely valuable. [Read More]

AC Unit Leaks And HVAC Repairs

Air conditioning systems must be maintained if you want them to run as they should. And, you must invest in a repair as soon as you think there may be a broken part on the system. Leaks are a common issue that must be addressed, so keep reading to learn about a few types of them and how your AC specialist with make the reapir.  Evaporator Coil Leaks The evaporator coil is the triangular-shaped part that sits in the basement unit. [Read More]

Plumbing Emergency? 2 Tips to Help You Find Affordable Repair

Although some household issues can be overlooked, plumbing issues are not one of them. Nothing can disrupt your day like watching as your toilet backs up, dealing with soaked carpeting, or noticing severe clogs in the tub or sink. These are the kinds of problems that can't be overlooked because they need immediate attention. The one thing that often stands in your way is your wallet. If you're running a little low on cash and payday is still several days away, check out a couple of alternatives you can explore when you need affordable plumbing repair in a hurry. [Read More]