4 Things Homebuyers Need To Know About Foundation Repair

Buying a new home means inspecting every aspect of your purchase, including the foundation. Foundation problems are a glaring red alert for many homebuyers, but not every issue has to be a deal-breaker. Discovering issues with your future dream home's foundation doesn't necessarily mean that it's time to walk away. Of course, your first step should always be to hire an experienced foundation contractor to conduct a thorough inspection. Once you've done this, here are four more things you should keep in mind about any trouble that you uncover.

How A Plumber May Go About Installing A New Toilet When You're Ready To Update Your Bathroom

If you're stuck with an outdated pink, yellow, or green toilet, getting a new toilet may be high on your list of priorities. However, choosing your new toilet might not be a simple decision since you have so many options. You may want to visit a plumbing showroom and look over everything available. Once you have your toilet at home and ready to go, call a plumber to install it for you.

How To Tell If There Is A Gas Leak Inside Your Home

Although natural gas can be a fantastic source of energy for your home, it can also be incredibly dangerous if not managed correctly. Every year hundreds of people are hospitalized due to gas-related injuries and undetected gas leaks inside their homes. Unfortunately, since natural gas is also odorless, it can be nearly impossible to determine whether or not there is a leak in your home until it's too late. Below is a list of a few ways that you can detect a leak in your home's gas line.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Messing Up Your Plumbing?

Garbage disposals are frequently installed in kitchens, for the convenience that they provide. Occasionally, these units can cause more trouble than you expected. If you regularly experience plumbing issues in your kitchen, particularly with the disposal in your sink, or possibly even other appliances, your garbage disposal may be to blame. Here's why. Garbage Disposal Units Aren't a Catch-All Garbage disposal units are handy, but the average set of kitchen pipes were not intended to handle the kind of waste that goes through a garbage disposal unit.

Do You Need A New Well Pump On Your Property?

Your current well pump is responsible for one of the most important parts of your water supply: the monitoring of the water pressure and speed of water you have. Without a well pump, your well will not be able to give you the amount of water you want on an as-needed basis, and you risk many issues with getting and maintaining a healthy water supply. Water pressure will go down and water consistency will suffer.

How Often Should You Clean Your Septic System?

Low on the list of most homeowner's maintenance plans is the septic system, and yet, there are few things that can cause bigger issues if neglected. Having a regular schedule of septic system cleaning services may be inconvenient at the time, but it can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills down the road, not to mention prevent nasty accidents from forming in your backyard. Determining When It's Time to Clean Your Septic System

A Look At The Advantages Of Gas Water Heaters For The Off-Grid Home

When you make the decision to move your life off the proverbial grid, you are giving up the connection to things like electricity and public water. Because of this, there will be certain implements in your home that will have to be chosen according to how well they fit with your new living arrangements. One of those things is your hot water heater. While many off-gridders will opt to use other means of heating water, having a water heater can be extremely valuable.

Common Problems Plumbing Contractors May Need To Address

The pipes that make up your home's plumbing system can be among the most important and complex components of the home. Not surprisingly, problems and issues with these systems will need to be handled by a trained professional to avoid potentially serious damage or complications. Plumbing Expansion Many homeowners will find that they want to make upgrades to their homes that may involve expanding the plumbing system. In addition to making entire additions to the home, this may also involve installing additional sinks, retrofitting rooms to be bathrooms, or switching to a tankless water heater.

3 Things To Try When Your Plumbing Smells Like Rotten Eggs

If you keep smelling an odor like rotten eggs in your bathroom or kitchen, it might be coming from your plumbing. Plumbing problems sometimes give off a sewer odor, and other times, the odors smell like rotten eggs due to hydrogen sulfide produced by bacteria somewhere in the plumbing. Here's a look at how to get rid of the sulfur odor coming from your drains or faucets. 1. Run Water And Flush Toilets

Snakes And Clogged Drains: A DIY Guide To Help You Make Your Own Pipe Auger Tool To Clear Clogs

If you have a blocked drain in your home, you may want to try all the tools you have available before contacting the plumbing. A plumber's snake or pipe auger is a tool that you use to put in the drain and clear the blockage. There are a lot of different ways you can make your own auger tool to clear minor clogs from your drains. The following guide will help you make a simple auger tool to clear blockages from the drains in your home: