3 Big Signs You Have A Big Problem With Your Septic System

When you build a house, you have two options regarding your plumbing system: you either run off of your traditional sewer system or run off of a septic system. If you live in a rural area, chances are that your property will need to be hooked up to a septic tank rather than a sewage system because you won't have access to the city's lines. The great thing about septic systems is that they tend to be more economical and environmentally friendly.

4 Tips To Add The Right Filtration For Softer, Healthier Water Throughout Your Home

If your home has a problem with hard water, filtration improvements are going to be needed to make it softer. First, you need to know about hard water and the different water quality problems that require filtration solution. The following tips will help with the improvements to your home with the right type of filtration system to ensure that your home has clean water for all the plumbing. Minor Hard Water Problems That Can Be Solved with A Water Softener System for Your Home