Troubleshooting A Sink Sprayer

If your sink faucet is equipped with a sprayer attachment, you likely appreciate the convenience it offers. If it fails, the following information can help you schedule the right repair. Sink Sprayer Issues Issues with a sink sprayer can fall into two categories — leaking and water flow. Leaks tend to form in three possible places. The first is the sprayer nozzle, which is where the water comes out. The second is along the flexible hose that supplies water to the sprayer.

Five Reasons Your Septic Bacterial Biome Is In Trouble

Septic systems depend upon the workings of a rich bacterial colony in the tank and drain field. If waste is not breaking down properly in your tank, the issue could be with the bacterial balance. Although a septic repair service can pump the tank and clean it thoroughly to give you a fresh start, this is only a temporary repair. To fully remedy the problem, you must attend to the bacterial health of the tank.